We’re searching for Malta’s next innovator!

After two spectacular editions, Pitchora is back again! 

Earn the chance to win an equity-free prize fund worth over €50,000! Apply by filling in our form, attaching a 12- month cash flow forecast and a 30-second elevator pitch video!

So, roll up your sleeves, put your nose to the grindstone, and get ready for the third edition of Pitchora!

The Competition

22nd June

Each of our 10 finalists will get the opportunity to pitch their business on Thursday 22nd June infront of our panel of judges!

10 Finalists

A sound business plan is key to impressing our selection committee and earn a spot in our top 10.

5 Judges

The panel of expert judges are carefully selected from various industry sectors.

500 seconds pitch

You're not on your own, Pitchora finalists will receive free training on how to deliver a pitch that's chef's kiss.

15-minute Q&A

Stack the odds in your favour by giving answers that show you are the right founder to bring the business idea to fruition.

3 Winners

Grow with equity-free seed funding, mentorship, premium educational courses, free consultancy and fully-equipped workspaces!

About Us

We represent a community of businesses and investors united behind a belief that where there’s nourishment, talent follows.


"The Pitchora experience was life-changing for us. Taking part in the Competition enabled us to establish relationships with like-minded people who are professional, technical and super competent. As a start-up, it’s easy to get burnt out but receiving that financial analysis and operational support along with the seed funding helped a lot. The genuine interest, guidance and effort from Pitchora have been very encouraging."

Steve Demicoli

CEO & Founder, MatterMake

"We were surprised at how professional and well-organised the Pitchora Competition turned out to be. The level of confidentiality and help we received at every stage of the process was really important for us. What Pitchora is doing to help start-ups in Malta is very useful. Pitchora offered us eye-opening guidance, media exposure, insightful help from mentors. We strongly recommend being a part of Pitchora!"

James Camilleri

CEO & Co-Founder, Fyorin

"Our experience with Pitchora was very positive. Everything about the competition was well-organised, in many respects it exceeded our expectations. From media exposure to the financial and service-side assistance, the support we received before, during and after the Pitchora event has been very helpful. We found that the setting was right, the judges were both interesting and interested. Pitchora has made itself a catalyst for businesses to come out from the shadows of their garage."

Luke Frendo

CEO & Co-Founder, Grocerly

Exchange knowledge, experiences
& resources.

Pitchora is worth the effort for everyone who participates, win or lose! 

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