Prize Fund

Are you ready to fight for your business?

Now is the time to take the bull by the horns, 
roll up your sleeves and get to work!  

Nicholas Borg, Brandwagon

The Pitchora Prize Fund

Equity-free seed funding is the cornerstone of the Pitchora prize fund as it supports the winners in their early stages of business, allowing them to focus on their business idea without the pressure of equity dilution.

Aside from up to €10000 in equity-free seed money, Pitchora’s winners are able to benefit from a broad spectrum of resources that cover all the bases required to catapult their business to success.

The Pitchora Prize fund offers four key benefits for start-ups: mentorship, education, consultancy, and office space. Experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts provide invaluable guidance, educational resources equip winners with skills and knowledge, professional consultancy services address specific challenges or opportunities, and free office space creates a conducive work environment for start-ups without the resources to rent or buy.

+ Investment opportunity with Pitchora's sponsors!

For the first 6 months post-award, Pitchora sponsors can discuss and negotiate potential investment opportunities with the winning start-up. Start-ups may refuse to receive investment however the sponsors will be given the right of first refusal to make an offer, if other offers are made, the right of first refusal will be awarded for the first 3-month post-award. If at the winning date discussions with potential investors are already underway, these will be given green light before enacting the right of first refusal.

First Place

0 k
in equity-free seed money

Second Place

0 k
in equity-free seed money

Third Place

0 k
in equity-free seed money

Awards for
all winners

All 3 Pitchora Winners are awarded a unique starter package capable of catapulting them to the stage of full and thriving business development.

Frank Zammit, VibeFM
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The Awards

The 3 winners will have free access to the entire spectrum of incubation services available at Basement2Boardroom, including Consultancy, Corporate and Financial Advisory Services, Dedicated Workspaces, meeting rooms and Desks for their founders at the B2B Hub and Executive Coaching (worth €69,000)

Mentorship from the global leadership community of chief executives driven by the shared belief that the world needs better leaders.

6-month advertising campaign (worth €6,500). This prize is awarded to the recipient of the Consumer Momentum Award.

Firstbridge will be providing Business & corporate advisory services incl. drafting a business plan and implementing company formation and/or issuing of shares.

A Bravura interview within the TV Programme for each of the winners (worth €750)

A suite of products for 6-month consisting of a Private Cloud Service + support + hardware + 1Gb/50Mb internet + unlimited mobile packages, access to GO's market research resources and others. (worth €10,000). This reward is given to the recipient of the Best Digital Disruptor Award.

Marketing & PR Services to the winners as they are needed.

Buddy will be providing a one-year HR & Payroll Software Subscription (up to 5 employees ), a one-to-one payroll training session, and access to 12 HR & Payroll online training sessions to each of the winners!

Business Angels Malta will be offering Pitchora's 3 winners the exclusive opportunity to pitch their business for investment to top-tier local and international angel investors. Supercharge your business, submit your application at

Pitchora’s winners will get free access to the Central Mediterranean Business School’s acclaimed Entrepreneur Summer Boot Camp, where they will learn the skills required to launch and grow their own brand and become a successful entrepreneur. Supercharge your business, submit your application at

ICE Malta will be offering our winners free professional diplomas in Marketing to equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to perfect their offering.Supercharge your business, submit your application at

4Sight will assist the 3 Pitchora winners in setting up the Odoo business management system. A family of best-in-class apps which automate and track business processes. Additionally, 4Sight will provide training and pay for a 6-month license for two users per winner. The total value of the prizes is Euro 21,428.40.

Pitchora's winners will be receiving 1 full year access to Mindset Malta's signature program, 'Cruising to Clarity'. Based on 8 tried and tested building blocks, and including ample time for live Q&A's, Mindset Malta's program is dedicated to helping founders rediscover, maintain and nourish their focus.

Invent3d will be presenting the "Best Product" award to one lucky finalist at Pitchora. The winner of this prestigious award will receive a 3-month Product Development package worth €4,000! This includes expert product design consultancy and access to cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

With a prize value totalling €32,000, the three winners of Pitchora will receive: First prize – 100hrs of legal services Second prize – 60hrs of legal services Third prize – 40hrs of legal services In addition to the following documents: Founders Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement and an Employment Contract.

Avanzpro is delighted to offer its state-of the art Job Board to the top 3 winners by supporting their eventual recruitment growth plans with complimentary listing of vacancies for the next 3 years.

The startup that shows exceptional potential for growth will receive the Scaling Catalyst Award from Revenue Capital. The recipient of this award will be exposed to a group of >7k private investors from the Revenue Capital network, a fantastic opportunity to fundraise directly.

The secret ingredient to great competition is community.

Win or lose, participating at Pitchora gives you the opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from business leaders, make indispensable connections in the local start-up ecosystem and join a community of budding inventors and risk-takers.