The Competition

Step 1 – Submitting your application

Applications open on 1st March 2023 and close on 10th April 2023. Applicants will therefore need to submit their application by no later than midnight 10th April 2023

Everyone can apply by filling in a question and answer form on our website, attaching a 12- month cash flow forecast and a 30-second elevator pitch video. 

The question and answer form allows applicants to easily provide information on their business, while the cash flow forecast gives the selection committee insight into the business model and how the prize money will be used. 

The elevator pitch video provides a chance for the founders to showcase their passion and commitment to the selection committee and helps the pitch trainers and mentors if the founders reach the final round.

Step 2 – Selection Process

On Tuesday 16th May, the various selection committee shall be convened. Each of the six committees will be able to award one gold ticket to an applicant of their choice.  6 applicants will therefore receive the gold ticket and go straight to the pitch training sessions. The chairpersons from each selection committee shall then convene to select the last four finalists based on the scoring received from the individual selection committee members. 

The selection committee will be comprised of representatives from the Malta Chamber of Business and Silicon Valletta.

Step 3 – Pitch Training

The 10 selected participants (6 golden ticket holders & 4 carefully selected participants) will be invited for pitch training with professionals from the local start-up scene, a minimum of a 4-hour session shall be held with the finalists. First pitch training session will take place on the 26th May 2023

Pitch training will be carried out by JA Malta

Step 4 – Mock Pitch & Mentor Pairing

On Wednesday 31st of May and Wednesday 14th of June, the finalists will have the opportunity to test their pitch in a mock pitch session. During these sessions the finalists will also be paired with a mentor who will help them refine their pitch further and get ready for the actual pitch in front of our panel of judges. Mock Pitch and mentorship will be handled by the team at Silicon Valletta.

Step 5 – The Competition

Applicants will have 500 seconds (8.3 minutes) to pitch their idea in front of our panel of judges. The pitch can be supported by simple movable physical assets (subject to pre-approval), presentations and/or audio-visual aids.

Judges may request further clarifications and make any remarks before closing the pitch. They will then deliberate after the final contestant and, announce the results of the top three (3) at the end of the last panel.

The winners will be announced on the 22nd at 3:30pm

Once the winning teams will be informed, they will be invited for a kick-off meeting in order to touch base for the incubator programme and to benefit from all the other prizes in kind.