You only have 30 seconds to grab an audience’s attention and interest.

No pressure! But if you want your pitch to stand out in a short amount of time, you have to make every second count.

The Pitchora Pitch is your opportunity to sell your ideas to the Pitchora panel of judges. In 500 seconds (or 8.3 minutes), the panel of judges has to be convinced that your start-up is the best out of 10.

Believing in your start-up is the easy part – the next step is showing everyone your amazing ideas. To give you a kick start, here are 3 tips that will help you give a standout pitch, in a matter of seconds.


Hooking the audience in the first few lines ensures that everything you say from thereon after is going to be remembered. If you’re looking to quickly engage your audience you have to form a connection. Start off with a question, a personal remark or a display of emotion. After that, ease into your start-up plan knowing that your listeners are intrigued.


There’s only a finite amount of numbers and statistics the human brain can take while hearing a speech. The aim is to stay away from overloading your pitch with numbers, whilst confidently touching upon the important figures that count.


When pitching your start-up in just a few minutes, staying organised helps you keep a steady flow, which is going to make your pitch sound even better! This pitch template will keep you on the right track:

  1. 1. Attention-grabbing first 30 seconds
  2. 2. Bring up the problem
  3. 3. Offer a solution
  4. 4. Conclude with a CTA (Call to Action)

Your start-up is just 500 memorable seconds away from winning the start-up booster price fundPitchora wishes you Goodluck!