Grocerly: 1st Place Winners On A Mission To Reinvent The Way We Shop

Rigorous recipe followers and avid meal planners understand the strain of finding a good recipe, compiling lists of ingredients and having to hunt them down at the closest supermarket.

Could it be time to simplify the way we grocery shop?

“Imagine if BBC Good Food and Wolt had a love child – that’s essentially who we are.”

First place Pitchora 2021 winners Grocerly are on a mission to transform the way we’re used to handling our shopping. Grocerly is a grocery shopping app that allows you to purchase ingredients based on recipes. With just a few taps, the up-and-coming app enables shoppers to find recipes, automatically generate a list of ingredients and have them delivered to their door.

Grocerly is here to take the delivery of grocery goods to a whole new level.

What the recipe-to-grocery app offers is a vast catalogue of chef-curated recipes that get converted to personalised lists of ingredients and are later sent to your home with just a few clicks.

Described by the Pitchora Panel of Judges as “simply impressive”, the budding app is close to transforming the meal planning process for a good many people. Not only does the Grocerly solution provide a reliable way of having grocery items delivered, it also enhances the pre-shopping experience.

Highly Personalised, Seriously Simplified

The extremely personalised experience the app offers is what makes it stand out. Calorie counting, budgeting and creating customised catalogues of recipes can be carried out in a single app, adding ease to the meal prep process in ways the local market hasn’t seen before. More than that, app users are free to add or remove any items on the list as they shop – it’s not exclusive to food.

We sat down with Grocerly CEO Luke Frendo for an interview.

The Pitchora Experience – Participant’s P.O.V

“The experience we’ve had during the competition was very positive. On the day, we were surprised at how well-organised everything was… Honestly, it exceeded our expectations.”

“From before the competition to the actual day, the setting was right, the staging was right, and the questions from the judges made a lot of sense. We found that the judges were both interesting and interested.”

What It Means To Be The 1stPlace Pitchora Competition Winner

“The assistance we’ve received after the event has been very helpful.”

“We’ve found the media exposure we got after winning the competition to be very useful. Having our app be introduced to a wider audience, along with the gained access to the local eco-system were just some of the main benefits of winning the competition.”

The Received Support

“Apart from the media exposure, the financial and service side assistance that we received from the team has also been very beneficial to us.”

“Whether by advisory services, accounting, interactions with Malta Enterprise and more, the key advice and helpful support the team gave us has been very helpful and bore in mind VAT and TAX implications which a lot of early-stage start-ups might overlook.”

Pitchora The Catalyst

When asked if he would recommend the Pitchora competition to other start-ups, his answer was a yes –


“I think that Pitchora has started a process that will make it a catalyst for businesses to come out from the shadows of their garages and succeed.”