Matter Make: 2nd Place Winners Coming Forward With Pioneering Design Solutions

Matter Make is on a mission to introduce advanced,sustainable and sophisticated industrial design solutions to the constructionindustry in Malta.

The Second Place Winners of the 2021 PitchoraCompetition are paving the way for a more carbon-neutral, sustainable andappealing approach to the way construction and manufacturing in the local scenetake place.

At large, the company handles three specific areas ofbuilding – architecture & design,fabrication and building technologies. Impressively, they are known for theirability to provide exactly what it is that clients envision through the 3Dmodeling services they offer. It is the company’s aim to ensure that theirdiverse departments, while able to work alongside each other and/or together,are also effective at functioning independently. For Matter Make, a sustainableway of operating is key.

No matter the scale of the project, Matter Make takespride in offering all-in-one solutions that satisfy their clients’ requirementsand result in the best outcome for their specific budget.

Company creator Steven DeMicoli welcomes R&Dactivities including copper patination, unique computer-controlled erosions andmore. Large Format Robotic3D Printing is also offered as a more affordableservice.

Matter Make takes pride in offering a variety ofservices. Among them are architecture, fabrication and prototyping, parametricmodeling, product and furniture design, CNC & robotic fabrication, laserscanning and point cloud modeling, interior design and more.

“We believe in a process-oriented way of fabrication based on sustainability.”

What this type of approach brings to the table is asignificant amount of value to the final product and support to the localmanufacturing industry.

We sat down with Matter Make Director Steven DeMicoli.

The Pitchora Experience -Participant’s P.O.V

“The way Pitchora responded gave me a good feeling.The method of qualifying was quite good, and it was easy to apply. I can saythat the questions and feedback we received from the judges were veryinteresting, which was encouraging.”

The Gained ImprovementPost-Competition

“Before the Pitchora Competition, we had certainissues we needed to touch upon. Coming into this environment made us becomeaware that there are like-minded people around.

“What the Pitchora and Basement2Boardroom teamprovided us with has been a structured way of doing things and a systematicapproach to looking at things. Apart from that, the financial and operationalsupport and analysis has been really fruitful. We can say that we got what weneeded.”

An Energising Feeling

“The support we’ve received has always left us feelingvery energised.

“As a start-up, it can be so easy to get burnt out.Having that support definitely keeps you going. All the guidance has been veryfruitful for us.

“As a winner, you’re in the right environment and areable to show your vulnerabilities with full comfort and have the team dissectthem. The seed funding helped a real lot. Above all, the relationship with theteam, as well as the networking possibilities we gained helped us trulyblossom.”

“The experience has beentruly life-changing.”

“It surprised us what genuine interest in our companythere was. Having such feedback helped. There you are establishingrelationships with like-minded people who are professional and supertechnically competent. From being able to reply super quickly, to theencouraging attitude… It all helped us fine-tune.”