Understanding the Importance of Confidentiality: NDAs & More

ntellectual Property refers to any original ideas, discoveries, designs, inventions and creative work produced by an individual or group. In a media-focused society where accessing data and sharing information is easier than ever, safeguarding your creations is critical in business.

Pitchora is dedicated to ensuring that every person involved in the Competition process is protected by the high level of confidentiality we guarantee.

When start-ups prepare to pitch their business ideas in front of the Pitchora Panel of Judges, a few questions may come to mind. What are the different kinds of intangible assets? Why is confidentiality important in Start-Up Competitions? How does Pitchora guarantee total protection of start-ups’ intellectual property and trade secrets?

Different Kinds of Intangible Assets

Despite their size, the businesses of entrepreneurs and investors may be generating assets that are more valuable than they realise. Apart from their product or solution, they may also be creating valuable intangible assets known as Intellectual Property.  

Intangible assets are business-related elements that exist after the monetary and tangible assets have been identified. Companies can have a variety of intangible assets, many of which can be unique to a specific enterprise.

What are some different types of intangible assets?

  • Goodwill
  • Licenses
  • Trademarks/ Trade names
  • Patents
  • Contracts
  • Software
  • Copyrights
  • Customer lists and relationships
  • Brand Equity
  • Research & Development

Why Is Confidentiality Important in Start-Up Competitions?

As an early-stage business, it is immensely important to take part in start-up competitions that specifically guarantee confidentiality in a rigorous way.

Without the protection of creative ideas and propositions, start-ups would not reap the full benefits of their own developed creations.

Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. When it comes to something as intangible and abstract asa business idea, it’s necessary to ensure that other people cannot duplicate or sell your ideas as their own. When pitching your business concepts in front of a number of people, knowing that your creative work is safeguarded is bound to make you feel safeguarded more at ease, which is always a plus when taking part in competitions.

As a small business, protecting the unique products or services that you offer will also prevent any long-term diminishing of your business’s success. This includes the prevention of any possible slow growth and loss of revenue. Start-ups may be surprised at how often unprotected ideas can easily be swooped up by someone else who is ready to take the credit.

How does Pitchora guarantee total protection of start-ups’ intellectual property and trade secrets?

One of the core qualities that make the Pitchora Competition sought-after by multiple start-ups is the strong confidentiality factor we guarantee throughout the entire Pitchora Competition process. Throughout the submission and reviewing of applications, the selection of the finalists, the pitch training process and the Pitchora Competition itself, we take pride in enforcing a strict level of secrecy.

Pitchora is dedicated to ensuring that every person involved in the entire Pitchora process is bound to secrecy by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements. Audience members involved in the Competition event itself are limited to a very small number, amounting to around 25 individuals.

Boasting extensive experience in guiding and developing start-ups, Pitchora effectively manages to ensure that strict secrecy is adopted throughout the entire process.

We are experienced in organising various business workshops with a proven track record in protecting corporate secrets, where every person involved is committed to up-keeping the value of confidentiality.

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